Ensuring the safety of Tulsa County poll workers

The Tulsa County Election Board received funding from Tulsa County CARES to protect poll workers and voters during the June 30 election.

More than 200 poll locations and early voting at the Tulsa County Election Board had safety protocols in place. Poll workers received personal protection equipment including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant. Many poll workers also wore the provided face shields for further protection. Signage regarding safety protocols and social distance markers were put in place. Pens were sanitized or discarded after every use.

The June 30 election also saw the number of absentee ballots skyrocket from past years, which also added a significant cost covered by Tulsa County CARES funds.

“Just those 100,000 letters cost 50 cents each to mail,” Election Board Secretary Gwen Freeman said in a Tulsa World interview. “Every absentee ballot that goes out is 75 cents or a dollar.”

The Tulsa County Election Board anticipates many more absentee ballots for the August 25 and November 3 elections.