The office of the Tulsa County Clerk logs each disbursement and reports the CARES Fund on the Tulsa County’s Financial Transparency Portal. Additionally, Tulsa County officials and TEDC verify claims against other funding resources to avoid duplication and potential claimant fraud.

“As a recipient of almost $114 million in CARES Act funding, the Commissioners seek to use the funding in a way that is fully compliant with Federal requirements while quickly and efficiently addressing the stark challenges that many in Tulsa County face. We will also focus on transparency and accountability for disbursed funds, understanding the importance of good stewardship of public funds during these difficult times.”

Commissioner Ron Peters, District 3
Chair, Tulsa County Board of County Commissioners

TEDC RESET Fund Oversight

The Tulsa County CARES Review Committee meets weekly to evaluate potential allocations. Commissioner Ron Peters, County Clerk Michael Willis, Director of Government Affairs Terry Simonson and two chief deputy commissioners lead the committee.

  • The review committee assesses the applications recommended for approval by the TEDC RESET program. 
  • If approved by the review committee, the applications go to the following BOCC meeting held every Monday at 9:30 a.m. at the Tulsa County Courthouse, Room 119.