Tulsa County CARES allocations surpass 81% of initial funding

Tulsa County CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) funds are more than 81% ($92.2 million) allocated or spent with fewer than 90 days remaining in the federal relief program.

Funds have supported relief efforts throughout Tulsa County, including more than $54 million going directly or indirectly to Tulsa County municipalities through local and countywide programs.

Within Tulsa County, about 97% of residents live inside the city limits of 10 municipalities, which have received direct and indirect relief through Tulsa County CARES for pandemic-related needs.

Direct support of municipalities includes reimbursement for COVID-19 related expenses and relief to small businesses and nonprofits through the Tulsa County RESET (Resources to Empower Small Enterprises for Tomorrow) program. In a partnership with the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation, more than $33.7 million has been approved through RESET.

For example, in Broken Arrow, Tulsa County CARES funding reimbursed $51,894.05 for city COVID-19 expenses. Through the Tulsa County RESET program, an additional $1.73 million has gone to small businesses and nonprofits within Broken Arrow’s city limits. This practice holds similar results for all municipalities in Tulsa County.

“Many Broken Arrow businesses, just like others throughout Tulsa County, have struggled to adapt and innovate during this crisis, and many have seen a dramatic decline in revenues due to the pandemic,” said Jennifer Conway, president and CEO of the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce. “Thankfully, CARES funding from Tulsa County has helped businesses throughout the County, including those in Broken Arrow, to stay open and retain employees. We are very grateful for the help from Tulsa County.”

Indirect support of municipalities also comes from countywide programs including Tulsa Housing Authority rental assistance, Tulsa County Election Board needs and Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency (TAEMA) program funding. In one countywide partnership, Tulsa County CARES, TAEMA and the Tulsa Regional Chamber distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) to 1,980 businesses throughout Tulsa County.

“We at the Tulsa Regional Chamber were proud to partner with Tulsa County and the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency on the ‘Safer Tulsa County’ program, which used federal CARES Act funding to distribute personal protective equipment at no cost to qualified small businesses and nonprofits,” said Mike Neal, president and CEO of the Tulsa Regional Chamber.

Total funding including direct and indirect programs to date by city are:
• Bixby – $1,782,633.83 (3.26% of total)
• Broken Arrow – $5,088,618.24 (9.31% of total)
• Collinsville – $691,339.65 (1.26% of total)
• Glenpool – $1,034,312.91 (1.89% of total)
• Jenks – $1,719,332.28 (3.14% of total)
• Owasso – $2,417,342.33 (4.42% of total)
• Sand Springs – $1,240,143.20 (2.27% of total)
• Skiatook – $114,690.48 (.22% of total)
• Sperry – $41,399.52 (.21% of total)
• Tulsa – $40,547,003.96 (74.15% of total)

“The city of Collinsville was very pleased with the funding received from the Tulsa County CARES and RESET program,” said Pam Polk, Collinsville city manager. “The funding has not only helped the city recoup unexpected expenditures for COVID-19 but also many of our local businesses as well. Thank you, Tulsa County Commissioners, for this program and your continued support of all cities in Tulsa County.”

Tulsa County CARES and the RESET program continue to accept respective applications from local governments, agencies, nonprofit service providers and small businesses. For more information about RESET and other Tulsa County CARES programs, go to tulsacountycares.org.