Tulsa County Commissioners approve initial $3 million for rental assistance program

(TULSA, Okla.) — The Tulsa County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) today approved an initial $3 million for a rental assistance program administered through the Tulsa Housing Authority (THA). The program is expected to begin in late August and will provide direct assistance to an estimated 1,000 Tulsa County residents at risk of eviction each month. 

“Tulsa County and THA are partnering to ease the burden and keep families from facing eviction during a pandemic and economic downturn that is outside of their control,” said Tulsa County Commissioner Stan Sallee. “We look forward to this program accepting applications as soon as possible.” 

A federal moratorium on evictions has prevented removals, even as rent and mortgage payments continued to accrue. However, the moratorium expired July 24 starting a 30-day period before removals are possible and additional assistance is needed.   

The THA rental assistance program, which has already received $750,000 from Tulsa County to hire support employees, plans to begin accepting applications by the third week of August, in tandem with the expected  evictions increase. The $3 million approved today will be reevaluated regularly and additional allotments may be provided in the future for further support. Tulsa County and THA will work with regional agencies including Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors and A Way Home for Tulsa to market the relief program to at-risk families throughout the County, including all municipalities. 

Additionally, the BOCC today approved the second distribution of Tulsa County CARES small business funding, sending $2,964,500 million to 60 small businesses through the Tulsa County Business RESET (Resources to Empower Small Enterprises for Tomorrow) program — administered by the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation. The total amount approved by the BOCC through the program after two weeks is $4,029,500. 


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